Lakshmi’s Lotus

My latest sculpture featured at Sculpture at Bathers Fremantle 2017, titled Lakshmi’s Lotus is an offering giving thanks for all the gifts we have here on earth.

It was inspired from a trip to India where I attended a meditation retreat. The women on this retreat were all very inspiring and powerful. I wanted to create something that was testament to this amazing experience and also to acknowledge the strong sisterhood I have in my life.






My abstract flowers represent the feminine. Quintessentially, they are representations of my self and my journey as a woman and mother.

Awakening was in Sculpture at Bathers 2015.

A seedpod is a symbol of hope, potential and growth.

Teeming with the potential of life, in her simple act of opening, this seedpod shows there is strength in vulnerability. Without risk there is no reward.When she is ready, she opens effortlessly. The pod offers with humility that which she has been protecting and
nurturing. As she opens, she offers the seeds to Life. Some fly on a journey with the wind… others provide food for animals… some are enveloped by the land and nestle deep within the earth to begin a new journey of life, germinating with their own offerings to the world. Thus the circle of life continues.



Untamed Spirit

Untamed Spirit is a sculpture of a shipwreck exhibited in 2010 at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe and made of brushed aluminium plate. The dimensions are 2500 x 2500 x 2500.


My heart it has gone…

It rides with the sea,

But my body lies here…

Alone withoutt thee..

MJ Levitt


Smaller artworks

I also enjoy playing with natural forms to create small delicate and ephemeral works.

These smaller scale works invariably include natural found objects such as sticks, grass tree fronds and pods.

They celebrate Mother Nature’s intricate patterns, colour and textures woven through the rhythm of life.