Public Art

Stella Maris

Maquette of Stella Maris


Underwater view from top of starfish

Stella Maris, Star of the Sea named after Mother Mary, protector and guide to seafarers..

This starfish is an interactive underwater 18.8 tonne, 6m x 2.5m  concrete sculpture for

Cockburn Council’s Coogee Beach Dive Trail at North Coogee Beach.

I used a new technology called Concrete Canvas which is a fibre matrix material

impregnated with concrete.

Stella Maris was created with a swim through tunnel for snorkellers and divers.

It was also created as an artificial reef, becoming home to an array of marine life.

The creative process continues while it is submerged, creating a dynamic sculpture

in the ocean’s natural environment.

Therefore as you dive through the tunnel, you are immersing yourself in a

living sculpture that is a continual work in progress.

Mother Nature takes over from my efforts and now she weaves her magic.

You are guaranteed a different experience, every time you visit the sculpture.

It’s a great way to spend some time on a summer morning.

Go when it is blowing offshore for good visibility and look for the

blue and yellow sign on the rocks to show you where it is! Have fun!

Here is a photo of one leg of the starfish 6 months later…

Wild Woman’s Scent

Wildflowers are free, wild, resilient and strong!

Wild Woman’s Scent is a pink flower situated on the banks of the

Swan River in East Fremantle.

The work references the shared beauty and resilience of flowers and women.

The sculpture celebrates each woman’s gifts and the freedom to

boldly express and be unapologetically ourselves – to be wild even!



Entomophily is the pollination of plants by insects.

The flower reminds us to nurture nature.

Exhibited in 2012 at Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea

and purchased by Jing’an Sculpture Park in Shanghai, China.

The artwork is made of aluminium pipe welded into an abstracted flower

and scales the human form to insect size.

It stands at 5500 x 2500 x 2500.

Leafy Sprouts

The leaves of sprouting plants have broken from the

nurturing soil and are reaching for the sky.

The laser cut steel plate references the local flora and fauna

surrounding the Bullcreek Library.


A community arts project called Life without Barriers saw the creation

of an artwork for the Baldivis Children’s Forest in the City of Rockingham.

We created a large 9m concrete labyrinth as a welcome gathering space

to the forest to provide seating for children as they arrive.

The labyrinth is also an educational and interactive artwork

that allows children to meander through the work and to reflect

on the local flora and fauna via imprints, imagery and poetry.